frequently asked questions

There is NO such thing as too soon. We book weddings and events up to a year (sometimes MORE) in advance. In wedding world, brides are booking their top vendors for their special day and the hair and makeup team is no exception. We highly encourage you to send us an inquiry as soon as possible! We cannot guarantee we will still be available for your date unless you contract us so please keep this in mind when going through the booking process!

01. When Should I send you an inquiry for my wedding or special event?

Due to increased demand, Glow and Grace Artistry requires a minimum of 5 hair and 5 makeup services, in addition to the bride’s service to come onsite for all weddings!

02. How many services are required to come on-site for my wedding?

Yes, we do! We can service brides anywhere, anytime. We are local to College Station and starting a branch in the Austin area soon. Send us an inquiry to receive more information about our travel rates, or head over to the services page on our website.

03. Do you travel?

In order to book us for your wedding or event, please send us an official inquiry HERE. Should you choose to move forward with booking our team, you will receive an official contract and invoice via Honeybook! We require a signed contract and 50% retainer in order to officially book your date and our artists. Once we send over your proposal, you will have 5 business days to review, sign and submit your retainer - otherwise we release the date and our artists to potentially be booked for other appointments! Once you have booked, your final payment is due 1 month prior to your event. Our communications team will be in touch to provide you with all the information you will need for your upcoming event! 

04. What is the booking process?

The short answer is yes. It is important to us to make sure our work is of the highest quality while finishing on time for your special event. We staff weddings according to the number of services at the time of the initial booking so while it is still possible to add services-- it will depend on artist availability (should we need an additional artist) and the timeline for that day. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate additional services after your contract has been signed so we highly encourage you to book the number of services needed at the time of your original booking process. Please note that we cannot subtract services that have been contracted, signed and paid for.

05. Can I add on services after I sign my contract?

Yes! Lashes come standard with every package that includes makeup. We also now offer you the chance to upgrade your lash game with a selection of 3 different styles of luxury faux-mink Seena lashes that can be worn up to 25 times for an additional $20.

06. Do you provide lashes?

Ahhhh, the famous “dirty hair” myth. Our answer (and the answer from stylists around the world) is no thank you! Please come with clean, blow dried hair to your appointment that has been washed no less than 1 day before your appointment with no previous styling or product. This allows our artists (and experts) to use the proper and correct product for your hair to create a beautiful style and ensure that it lasts as you dance the night away. Coming with excessively dirty hair can hinder the styling process and weigh your hair down...which means it will not curl or hold properly to achieve the look you desire!

07. Should I come with Day 2-3-4 Hair?

ABSOLUTELY. We are a team of 10+ seasoned hair + makeup artists and are experienced with working with wedding day timeframes. However, it is so helpful to our communications team if you can be as specific as possible about the number of people who need hair, makeup or both so provide you with the most accurate quote! Our pricing includes 1-2 artists depending on your wedding day needs but should you need more, we are happy to accommodate for an additional artist rate and as long as we have availability. We do not play with timelines and pride ourselves on finishing on time, if not early in most cases so you and your girls can relax without stress. Knowing the time you and your bridal party have to be fully ready by is an added bonus in helping us structure a timeline to submit to you and your event planner for your wedding day!

08. Can you accommodate large bridal parties (10 or more people?)

While we understand that every client and bride may have different priorities as far as what is most important to them for their event or wedding, booking an established hair and makeup is incredibly important for many reasons. Glow and Grace Artistry has a team of 10 experienced artists who know how to provide the very best quality in hair and makeup, so you can look and feel your best while making sure that your beauty shines through even in professional photos. NO ONE wants to look back at their photos and feel disappointed in the way they look and we promise you won’t regret your session with us! Last, as a reputable company- we will ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly by working with your event planners to establish a timeline for that day so no one runs late or is delayed! 

09. Why should I book a Hair and Makeup Company?